Waterjet cutting

We are using pure water in our cutting process. It means that we use only pure water, without abrasive, which secures cleanliness of cutted details. We also use stainless steel mesh in cutting table which allows to produce also details with very small dimensions.

Most common materials which we cut:

  • sheet rubber, rubber mats, conveior belts
  • plastic, polyurethane, foils
  • foam materials
  • technical felt
  • gasket sheet materials
  • noise and vibration dampening materials
  • plywood, MDF and HDF plates


We use Aliko waterjet cutting machine (made in Finland) with following parameters:

  • working table dimensions 3400x4500mm
  • x-axis maximum movement 4160mm
  • y- axis maximum movement 3100mm
  • z- axis maximum movement 200mm (height)
  • number of cutting heads – 4
  • maximum cutting pressure 4100 bar
  • cutting nozzle diameter 0,12…0,35mm